I’ve been Diagnosed with End-Stage Heart Failure – Actor T.T of ‘Taxi Driver’ fame Reveals!


Veteran actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio also known as T.T has revealed the current state of his health.

Speaking to MzGee in an interview after she donated to him some items (bags of rice, cooking oil and seasoning tablets) from Wilmar Africa Limited as part of her charity project, the actor revealed prior to the imposed lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he had long been homebound.

He also reveals due to his illness, he is mostly indoors and for about three weeks now, he hadn’t stepped out to see the sun. He further said he mostly goes out only for a haircut or medical reviews.

“…I was diagnosed with a heart failure and since then, I’ve been in my room most of the time. Sometimes two-three weeks, I don’t come out of my room. I’m always inside before the proper [imposed] lockdown came so I have been double-locked down.”

“I go out only when I need a haircut [which is just in the town] and when I must go for checkups.

His condition according to his physician is incurable but managed even though elsewhere he would have required a heart transplant. He is now left with the option of  taking medications to manage the chronic condition.

The actor further disclosed his odds have not been improved by the fact he is also now diabetic.

“…I’ve been told [by doctors] that these diseases I’m suffering are incurable but managed. One doctor told me if it were in the US, I would be on the waiting list for a heart transplant because a part of my heart has refused to function. The other way out is by taking drugs. For the past three years now, I have taken over 5000 assorted tablets and capsules.

“Diabetes recently set in and I have to cope with two deadly diseases. My doctors tell me these are age-related issues.”

T.T shows gratitude to MzGee and Wilmar Africa by making known how far the donation would go to help him since he is out of active job and tight financially.

Psalm Adeteyfio is renowned for his stellar performance in the ever-popular Ghanaian sitcom series, “Taxi Driver” which kept the nation glued on its seat in the late 90s as well as many hit movie productions such as “A Stab in the Dark”, “God Loves Prostitutes” among others. Going AWOL for some time, it emerged after he granted an interview on the “Delay” show to have battled a severe ailment that nearly took away his life.


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