Juliet Ibrahim discloses her “love strategy” in 2020

Actress, Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim has disclosed a new strategy she will be adopting in 2020 when she meets a man she intends dating.

The mother of one said she will be uploading the photos of whoever she starts getting serious with, with the caption “ WHO GET AM? ”.

Juliet Ibrahim who disclosed that the photos will be staying on her social media page for at least 48 hours, stated that she won’t be played anymore as experience is the best teacher.

She wrote;  “As I’m ready to give dating another chance in 2020 … once we start talking about getting serious, I’ll upload the person’s picture with the caption “ WHO GET AM? ”

“I will leave it up for at least 48 hours just to be sure I’m allowing the right person into my life. Experience na best teacher ooo!!! I won’t be played anymore ladies please feel free to claim your boo if he’s posted up on my page! And please Claim him with receipts.” She added

The mother of one explained that her reason for adopting this strategy is because: “I stand for women supporting each other and the bond of sisterhood. 2020 don’t let these playas play us.”


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