#JustBeingUs: Why do men appear to enjoy being sexually harassed- Heiress Jacinta Quizzes


Sexual harassment occurs when people are targets of unwanted sexual comments, sexual gestures, or sexual actions because of their actual or perceived gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Due to its frequency and harmful effects on people and organizations, and because it is often a symptom of social inequalities.

Eventhough this phenomenon disproportionately affects women. There are men who are also victims.

The question however is whether it has the same effect on both genders.

Well, Comedian Heiress Jacinta does not think so. According to her there are alot of men who grovel in losing their virginity at a tender age to older women.

Eventhough this could technically count for defilement, she maintains the men she has engaged do not see anything wrong with the act.

Watch the full show here



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