K.K Fosu sets sight on GHAMRO Chairmanship

K.K Fosu

Highlife artiste, K.K. Fosu has disclosed his intention to become run for the Chairmanship position of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO).

According to him, He wants to be the chairman of GHAMRO to ensure musicians in the country gets what’s due them in terms of royalties.

Speaking on ClassFM, ‘Anadwo yede’ hitmaker said: “Ghana Music Rights Organisation [GHAMRO] is where I want to be because I really want to take control of the royalties, we [musicians] deserve to be paid, we are not being paid to our expectation because we have poor management at [GHAMRO].

KK Fosu explained that GHAMRO must involve artistes in their decision-making.

“We’ve been complaining on radio on the same issue for years now, they should know that we’re in a new generation, so, they should allow the young ones to take over [the management of GHAMRO]…

“It’s our [musicians] money, not theirs but they are paid more than the artistes. The last time I received money from GHAMRO was last year and it was just GHS800 for the whole year. We need to get more because our songs are everywhere but the few places that they’re monitoring is the only place they’re getting the money from, if we have this structure that we can monitor our music videos, our music being played on air, the artiste will be paid more. So, we need to know all those things,” he stated.


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