Kafui Danku v Leila Djansi Beef could be a “Publicity Stunt”-Vicky Zugah


Actress, Vicky Zugah, has asked Ghanaians to avoid making a fuss about the social media brawl between movie producers Kafui Danku and Leila Djansi.

The two, earlier this week, made headlines after making some posts on social media.

Kafui Danku, in a post, accused Leila of bad-mouthing and telling ‘childish’ lies about her, Kafui.

she however retracted and apologized after Leila threatened to sue for defamation.

But Vicky Zugah believes that the ‘fight’ between the two movie makers is a deliberate attempt to stay relevant and get some media attention.

“There’s a positive side to all of this. People must stay relevant in all of this. There is Covid and they are producing films. There has to be side issues to keep them relevant for people to get to find out what they’ve been up to,” Vicky Zugah told MzGee on Showbiz927

She added that;

“They are two great producers, they are probably coming up with something we all don’t know about right and they are trying to get our attention. In Ghana, this kind of thing sell. There are people who don’t know Leila and Kafui but as soon as they see something negative about them, they Google them or get on their social media platform and get to read and know more about them. This might be a publicity stunt.”

Meanwhile, the actress is calling on women in the entertainment industry to stand united and prove critics who think that they are against each other wrong.

“The men think we are against each other and it’s not true. Let’s prove them wrong and be there for others. If you are not there for others, don’t expect the person to be there for you,” she said


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