Kaywa can’t curse me – Kurl Songx

Kurl Songx (left) and Kaywa (right)

Ghanaian afro-pop singer, Kurl Songx has said his former god father, Kaywa is incapable of cursing him.

The ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ hitmaker who was signed to Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual record label said Kaywa is a man of God hence will not resort to cursing him because he offended him.

The relationship between Kurl Songx and Kaywa turned sour after Kurl Songx reportedly stated that he was not getting enough push from the label.

Speaking in an interview on Joy News’, the MTN hitmaker winner refuted claims that rendered an apology to his former boss because of the alleged curse by the music producer.

” I apologized because I worked with him and one way or another I might have offended him. So if I have offended him, then I’m saying sorry and Daddy, I’ll want to come to him” he stated

” This is actually the first time I’m hearing this. I don’t think my father Kaywa can actually do that. I don’t think he can curse me. But if he actually did which I doubt, its not the reason for the apology,” he added

” But at the end of the day, we all serve a living God. And one way or the other, we worked together and I may have offended him or stepped on his toe so he should also see me as a child who has offended his child. And if I’ve offended him it shouldn’t get to curses. But he can’t do that. He can’t curse me…”

He also indicated that he is hopeful of working with the label again in the near future.


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