Keche Andrew has been sending people to come and beg me! Adwoa Spendilove


Adwoa Spendilove, the lady who accused Keche Andrew of leaking her nude pictures has revealed that the musician has been pleading for forgiveness through emissaries.

Keche Andrew, in an earlier interview with MzGee, somewhat denied that he leaked the nude photos of the lady insisting:

When you are being caught and sent to the police station about a stolen car, and you know you haven’t stolen a car, do you run?

But in a sharp rebuttal, Adwoa Spendilove questioned the musician’s claim of innocence, especially when, according to her, he has sent people to beg her to let bygones be bygones.

“That example he made was saying that all the allegations I made was not true but my question is that, if it is not true, why is he sending people to beg me? They are begging me that he is sorry and that he is going to pay my money,” she said in an interview with MzGee on TV3 New Day.

She further accused Keche Andrew of promising to marry her and five others. The lady, who is based in the US, although admits never meeting Keche Andrew in person maintains she has evidence of paying money to him and that she has has even interacted with some family members of the musician via online modes.

When I was supposed to meet him personally in Ghana, then I lost my father so I couldn’t come and he knew that. I have all the evidence that we were dating, the video calls that we had. His mother knows me and his brother knows me. Andrew personally introduced me to his mom that I was the lady he wanted to marry”


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