Keche Andrew is just a “Houseboy” in his wife’s house- Adwoa Spendilove


The lady accusing musician Keche Andrew of, among other things, failing to honour his marriage promise to her, Adwoa Spendilove, says the musician is just a househelp to his wife’s house.

Adwoa Spendilove made headlines after accusing Keche Andrew of dumping her after she invested in his music career because he promise to marry her.

While it is now public knowledge that Keche is married to the owner of the record label he is currently signed onto, Adwoa Spendilove, in an interview with MzGee said that she does not consider the musician to be in a proper marriage.

“I don’t see that Andrew is married. I see that he is a houseboy to someone. He is not married.”

When asked whether she was bitter about the turn of events, Adwoa Spendilove said that she was only heartbroken because she and Keche had planned to get married.

“You shouldn’t believe what they have been putting out there. I don’t have a problem with the wife. It is not because he didn’t marry me that is why I came outside to do that. I was supposed to come to the day that they were getting married. I have the invitation…Andrew knew that I was coming in December, that our families will meet. Then I found out that he is getting married. That was a broken heart, a very massive one.”

Adwoa Spendilove, in the interview, also mentioned that they didn’t end the relationship before he moved on to marry Joana Gyan.

She says that Keche Andrew once posted Joana Gyan’s picture on his status, but when she queried him about who she was, the musician described her as his boss.

“I saw him post Joana and I said who is this lady and he said that was my boss. Even Joshua himself, I wrote something on Facebook which was insulting and Joshua sent me a message asking why I was insulting their boss. But I said I don’t see her as a boss because the picture Andrew is putting on his status is telling me something else.”

Meanwhile, she says that her only demand now is for Keche Andrew to pay back some GHC 30,000 she spent on him.


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