Kevin Hart released from hospital after accident

Comedian, Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is out of the hospital, TMZ has learned, and he’s now at a live-in rehab facility doing intense physical therapy to recover from his car crash injuries and surgery.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us, Kevin is “glad” to get out of the L.A. hospital he’s called home for 10 days. He has a positive attitude, saying, “I’m grateful to be alive.”

He’s at the rehab joint right now, and the goal we’re told is to get him home “as soon as possible,” where he can start outpatient care.

Realistically, our sources say he’s looking at around a week — more or less — at the live-in facility.

TMZ broke the story, Kevin suffered 3 spinal fractures after his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda crashed a week ago Sunday, severely injuring him and the driver. Kevin underwent surgery, where they fused 3 areas around the spine.

Source: TMZ


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