Kwamz & Flava send threatening messages to KiDi for “stealing” their song

Kwamz and Flava

UK-based Ghanaian afrobeats duo, Kwamz & Flava have sent threatening messages to singer, Kidi for allegedly stealing their song.

The ‘Wo naane no’ hitmakers took to social media to accuse the ‘Thunder’ hitmaker of using the hook of their unreleased song without their permission.

They wrote: “@kiDimusic, after you contacted Flava, about using the enjoyment vibe and he sad no because we wanted to release ours first, you thought you were a bad boy and still released it, I’m not even pissed about the song because we make bangers but if you disrespect the thing thats different story Gee.

“Just to clarify the situation, it’s about respect, Kwamz & Flava have never stolen anyone’s idea or song or movement ever. We offer so much to people not only positive energy, we never cheat the game and play the game with cards.”

Speaking in a phone conversation with MzGee on 3FM’s Showbiz 927, one half of the group, Flava admitted they had sent threats to express how they felt towards Kidi which which according to them was after KiDi stopped replying to their messages.

In reaction, Kidi who was also on the show explained to MzGee that he did not steal the song but he however borrowed a word from their unreleased song which he didn’t think warranted him to ask for permission.

The brawl between the two comes shortly after KiDi released his new single titled, “enjoyment”.

Explaining his part, the Lynx Entertainment signee said: “I heard this enjoyment thing going around then I made it into a song because I was like if it is what it is then it’s actually nice so I actually asked [people around] is it a song they said it’s not a song. I was like cool so then I would like to put into a song”.

The Former MTN Hitmaker winner added: “I saw the video and I realised it was Flava from Kwamz & Flava. Shout out to them, so I saw that he was playing Runtown’s ‘Mad Over You’ in the video and you know in that song there’s a part where it says ‘and if she follow me go now enjoyment go kill am o’ so he kept repeating ‘enjoyment’, ‘enjoyment’ and all of a sudden enjoyment is being owned by Kwamz & Flava is what I’m hearing.”

The two eventually quashed the brawl on the show after Flava apologized to KiDi on behalf of the group for any disrespectful thing they said to him.


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