Majid Michel debunks throat surgery rumors


Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has dismissed earlier claims that he had traveled outside the country to undergo a throat surgery.

The actor turned evangelist explained that he was in Isreal when he heard the news had been widespread in Ghana.

According to him, the picture used for the story was an from an advert he made for Air France and had posted it on his Instagram page.

In a Facebook live video, Majid said, “I was in Jerusalem, the holy land, the land of milk and honey. When I went to Israel and was reading the Bible, I was in the location where the story was told. So I am reading the first miracle Jesus performed in Canaan and I am reading the verse in Canaan, where he performed the miracle.” Majid Michel said.

“I had close friends calling to ask me if it’s true I am going for surgery and— though— I was in America at the time, I didn’t go there for surgery. Some blogger decided to stir the media, probably because I have been off social media for a while.”

“I wasn’t in town and a couple of people called me to say a blogger called them to ask them if I was in town or not, which they said I was out of town. So he went on my Instagram page, picked a picture of an advert I have done for Air France and added that Majid was in a hospital for surgery. Which is false, fake.” Majid added.


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