Make an industry person deputy creative arts minister-Dada Hafco


Ghanaian Highlife singer, Dada Hafco wants President Akufo Addo to make a player in the creative arts industry a deputy minister in that sector.
This according to him is because politicians lack the ability to discern what goes on in the field of the creative industry.

Speaking with MzGee on “Simply Showbiz” the musician further argued that since politicians do not speak the language of the creative arts sector, it becomes difficult for them to understand its problems.

“…most of our politicians don’t speak the creatives’ language. There are a lot of details in the creative space that they don’t know.

We feel there must be one of us, somebody who will come from our space to go and partner whoever becomes the substantive minister. I think it will be in our good interest to have one of us out there. He further stated.
His advocacy is however not open all players since he is of the opinion the chosen should be competent and have the interest of the sector at heart.


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