Media must pamper older musicians – Ben Brako

Veteran musician, Ben Brako

Veteran Ghanaian Highlife musician, Ben Brako has said the Ghanaian media must treat with extra care older musicians.

In his view, the legendary musician explained that older musicians in the country have stood the test of time hence deserve to be pampered.

He told MzGee host of ‘The Gist’ on JoyPrime that veteran Highlife musicians are struggling to get ample air play which is unfortunate.

“My sources tell me that even Kojo Antwi is suffering from this phenomenon because he did a song with one of these big musicians. I think Stonebwoy and I hear it didn’t do that great because it wasn’t pushed that well.”

He added that: “It sad because Rex (Omar) also did some tune, Bessa (Simons) also did some tunes although not all of them are great, I think there should be some consideration”. 

Mr Brako stressed that Highlife music and musicians must be given special attention by the media since it is the only authentic Ghanaian music genre.

” I think that the media here should know that we are Ghanaians. And they should know that Highlife is our mother music and therefore they should give priority to Highlife music. And they should honour the older musicians because they have stood the test of time and they deserve a little bit of pampering” he noted.

Watch more in the video below:


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