Meet the woman raising funds for Artists impacted by COVID-19!


The creative industry; music, movies, art have been heavily hit by the COVID-19. At least 170,000 people have lost their jobs in Hollywood and the UK as film industry grinds to a halt due to coronavirus. Stakeholders in the entertainment industry are contending with the enormous challenges created by the global health crisis. Event organisers, broadcasters, sponsors, suppliers, ticket agents, performers, contractors, agency workers, and patrons have all been affected.

Here in Ghana the situation of artist is even more precarious, with less developed systems and little or no support,  some of them are barely able to make ends meet.

Not long ago, it took the collaboration of Food outlets KFC and Vidae Café to provide some form of sustenance to veteran players in the creative arts industry.

This is despite the fact that the nation can boast of a Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and a National Creative Arts Council.

Well, all is not lost as one woman, Edem Barbara Ntumy, has taken up the task of rescuing these by commencing a fund raising scheme.

Edem who describes herself as a “political activist whose work ranges from sexual and reproductive health rights, feminism to anti-austerity, anti-racism and anti-imperialism” is mostly domiciled in the United Kingdom.

She explains she got the inspiration to commence the project after reading an article by her friend and writer, Moshood. The piece “Support vs Semantic“paints a real but gloomy picture about the current climate for artists.

When asked the criteria for selecting beneficiaries she replied “artists living in Ghana of all kinds who can demonstrate their ability to work and earn have impacted by COVID-19”. They basically apply to the access the funds by completing the online form at –

Already some 47 applications have been submitted and 8 people have received various sums.


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