My children are free to do what they want in life – Ben Brako

Veteran musician, Ben Brako

Veteran highlife musician Ben Brako has said he has given his children the freedom to do as they please with their lives.

According to the 60-year-old musician, his children are now adults and can decide to make their live choices on their own.

In a conversation with MzGee, Ben Brako said: “I only gave birth to them and I can’t control them for the rest of their lives. I set them free and let them be themselves and whatever they do, that’s their business. 

He however explained that his children are not always as he wants them to be.

” I try to teach my children to be cool but they can’t always be cool. Its their life, this is my life. I’m not living my life for my kids.”

The sex and scandal hitmaker in response to his viral nude photoshoot with his wife indicated that he was bombarded with calls from his children who expressed dissatisfaction over the post.

According to him, he was not remorseful because he knew well what he was doing when he posted the controversial photos.

” There was no use to show any remorse for their sake. Its as if I didn’t think through what I did before sharing that picture.” He noted


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