My Respect for Women Stopped Me from Hitting Back at Wendy Shay – Keche Joshua


Joshua, a member of the musical duo Keche has revealed his respect for women prevented him from replying to the “disrespectful” comments younger colleague, Wendy Shay made to him via tweets and videos.

In an interview on Tv3’s “New Day” entertainment segment with MzGee, Joshua claimed his viral video which was purported to be mockery of Wendy Shay for allegedly going through depression hence her multiple piercings and current looks was an imitative act of the “Instaglam” session of the “Delay” show.

“I saw her videos and tweets insulting me and all. I love and respect women a lot and because it’s Wendy Shay [a woman and a younger colleague in the industry] I didn’t know how to hit back [by replying]. And truthfully, I was mocking her as speculated.”

He expressed shock at the misinterpretation of the video he made which triggered Wendy to rain insults on him to the extent of claiming he is a pest on his wife’s sweat.

“I was shocked and questioned myself who could be behind her disrespecting me to that extent.”

On his part, Andrew revealed Joshua’s video was pure mimicry of talk show host, Delay’s  “Instaglam” session of her show and did not require the kind of response Wendy Shay gave it.

“Joshua was imitating Delay. He has a friendly relationship with her and it’s not the first time he’s imitating her.”

“…everything I said was what Delay said by asserting she could be passing through something. My video was to pass a message because she [Wendy Shay] was heavily trolled online but as it appears, the message didn’t get to her well and that’s why I’ve refrained myself from talking about the incident if not on this platform.”

Joshua came under criticism for mocking the “Uber Driver” singer about a month ago after a video of his surfaced online suggesting Wendy Shay was going through something hence the change in her lifestyle. This didn’t go well with a session of the public who suggested he could have called her privately to show concern rather than go online to mock her.
Wendy Shay on the other hand didn’t take it lightly as she took to live videos and tweets to slam the Keche group, especially Joshua.


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