My ‘Toto’ song misinterpreted – Edem


Ghanaian rapper, Edem has said his latest hit song titled ‘Toto’ is being misinterpreted by Ghanaians.

According to him, the song is originally titled ‘xetoto’ which translates ‘The coming out of the sun’.

He explained that the song talks about the everyday struggle of the regular Ghanaian and how they relate to it but was however misinterpreted when it went viral.

Speaking in an interview with Becky on the EWITHBECKS, Edem stated that he understands that Ghanaians took it to mean another thing because of the Ga word ‘Toto’.

“We released a song called ‘xetoto’ and it became very controversial. The coming out of the sun is what I meant. I also understand that it’s a double entendre in literature where you use one word that has two meanings.”

“When they hear anything with ‘Toto’ they hear something else,” he explained


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