MzGee Starts Fresh entertainment Show “Simply Showbiz” on TV3 Tomorrow!


Prominent Ghanaian Entertainment Journalist and Presenter Gloria Akpene Nyarku will tomorow July 4, 2020 commence a new show that will blow your mind.

MzGee who has carved a niche for herself as a standard bearer in the field of entertainment journalism will, in 45 minutes starting from 11:00am on Saturday live on TV3, present to you one of the best showbiz-concentric shows with no holds barred.

If you thought “Gee Spot’, was the ish you must certainly brace-up for a greater TV experience with ‘SIMPLY SHOWBIZ”!


The arts and entertainment industry has over the years grown from just being a medium for entertaining people to a more business oriented space.

However, in spite of the attempt to merge the two, there is a huge gap in making practitioners of the arts benefit from their works.

Well-meaning industry players and personalities have for years tried to revamp the Ghanaian showbiz industry to make it more lucrative.

In recent times, several stakeholders in the Ghanaian creative arts space have had a cause to complain about guests on entertainment magazine shows who are supposed to be impacting knowledge.

It appears that these half-baked panelists are just attention seekers parading themselves on media platforms for their parochial interest.

This is all about to change as TV3 will be premiering a new exciting entertainment show with pundits and knowledgeable personalities with authority when it comes to the Ghanaian arts and entertainment sector.

IN effect, Simply Showbiz will focus on the arts – events, music, movies, stage, awards show and many more. The show will present an opportunity for the host and panelists to review trending and topical issues in the entertainment sector. In addition to the thought provoking conversations, the show will also have slots for event coverage, artistes spotlight and entertainment news updates


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