MzGee starts raw talk “MASK-OFF” with Belinda Dzattah today!


Today, Wednesday July 29,2020 at exactly 8pm, the instagram page of celebrated Ghanaian entertainment Aficionado, Gloria Akpene Nyarku, will be on fire as she hosts the very first episode of Mask-OFF with Actress Belinda Dzattah.

The no holds barred conversation will among others cover the largely concealed love life, arduous weight loss journey, tumultuous career and Russian roulette in the States during the coronavirus pandemic.

why “MASK-OFF”

“Our lives only improve when we are willing to take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” These eternal words of Walter Anderson describes the entire rationale behind MASK-OFF!

In a world where most of what we see on TV, hear on radio and even on social media are make-believe and every fine detail is scripted to create suspense, enigma and sensation that will just drive in the numbers, there is an urgent need for a discussion that is raw and real, unrefined and unedited.

This is largely so because many are fed-up with the garnished talks in which parties are not truly engaged (present, open, curious) but converse to fulfill a perceived social cordiality or avoid awkwardness. This kind of talk isn’t driven by what we genuinely want to know but by mainstream models of what we should want to know.

it is undisputed that most of us are hiding behind masks. Over time, this mask became almost embedded in the skin. Some get trapped behind the mask of alcoholism, drugs, insecurities and many others are leading double lives. This gradually ensnares us making us feel stuck and unable to escape from it.

Shame and guilt fill us but fear keeps us from breaking free from this chaotic lifestyle. We are therefore afraid to share who we really are and then ask for help.

But its time to take off the Mask with MzGee! “Mask Off” will pierce the veil, shatter the glass ceiling, break down the barriers and bring you that REAL conversation you have been yearning for!

On Mask Off, we can only promise you one thing! Conversations, though diverse in topic/duration/relationship dynamic,  which share THESE in common: they are raw, stripped of judgments, free from impositions of social norms AND emotionally risky!


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