New Member from Nigeria wont be Permanent-Keche


Music group Keche, has allayed fears its new member from Nigeria will make it lose its identity and become unstable.
“…It’s not going to be a permanent thing, maybe for a year or two because of something we want to do and a difference we want to make. Something that has never happened before”

Keche will outdoor it’s newest member on July 31.

Ahead of that though there are those who insists the group will not only lose its identity but the move may also prove counterproductive.

In an interview with MzGee on TV3 New Day, member of the group, Keche Joshua, described the decision as mutually beneficial.

“When it comes to Nigeria, we have some pictures that are big. But when you take Nigeria out, Ghanaian music is big across the globe. So he is coming in to tap and we are also going in to tap,”
Keche Joshua also assured that the decision had been well thought through.

“It’s called Show Business and we are businessmen. We are looking at the business side of music. When we make decisions, it’s because we have slept over it and thought of them, knowing that it’s going to help us in a good way”
he then debunked the assertion that their decision to bring on board a Nigerian musician as their newest member, is to help them penetrate the Nigerian market.

For Keche, it is wrong for someone to think in that regard as they are already an established musical group that is making waves across the continent.

The Keche Group are set to outdoor their new member at the end of this month.

Whilst they are adamant in going full details of the new member, they have mentioned that the artist is already established in the entertainment industry and was bringing nothing but magic to the group.



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