Lady miraculously survives after having a bullet in her head for 5 days


A Nigerian lady named Valentina Grey on Facebook has expressed her profound gratitude to God after a bullet was lodged in her younger sister’s head for five days without damaging any internal organ.

According to her, the younger sister, Favour noticed a wound which led to an unusual swelling at the left side of her face which prompted them to seek medical assistance and after thorough medical scrutiny by the doctor, the X-ray indicated a bullet was in her head which was surgically removed without her having any major organ or tissue damage.

However, she didn’t state how the bullet entered her sister’s head but many Nigerians are linking the incident to the recent massacre which saw many youths being shot by military personnel over their peaceful protest to end police brutality.

She wrote on her Facebook page

“Meet my kid sister a fighter girl lived five days with a Bullet in her head, playing joking and smiling. This  God saw her through. If u Don’t believe in this God I  pity you. He saw my family  through this hard days  and we came out smiling with joy overflow. Favour, your name keep fighting for you. The God of favour came through the right time.


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