Obrafuor reveals his dreadlocks is 20 years old

Legendary rapper, Obrafuor

Obrafuor has revealed that his trademark dreadlocks are 20 years old.

The legendary rapper disclosed that he began growing his hair after his then afro became too difficult to comb.

Speaking to Giovani Caleb on 3FM, the Rap Sofo said he left the hair to grow because he wanted to be recognized by that.

“I’ve never cut the hair since I started it. It’ll probably be sitting on the floor soon. I started it 20 years ago. But when I was recording ‘PaeMuKa’ I had an afro so it got to a point that I was finding it difficult to comb my hair so I left it and it just started locking by itself. I left it because I wanted to be a musician and I also wanted to be recognized by that everywhere I went.” He stated

Obrafuor also named Bob Marley, Nana Kwame Ampadu and TuPac as his three greatest music inspiration.


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