Only accredited People will now be allowed to organize events – Tourism Minister


Tourism minister, Barbara Oteng Gyasi says only corporate event houses, certified professionals and event organizers licensed with the Ghana Tourism Authority will be allowed to organize events during this period of a partial lifting of the ban on social gatherings.

This is part of protocols established by the government that must be obeyed by persons in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Addressing the press on Thursday, June 4, 2020, the Minister said that for every event, there must be the display of a ‘no mask no entry’ signage at the entry to the event premises.

She, however did not give the time frame within which events must last but rather said organizers should ensure that they do not keep so long.

There must also be the presence of designated health and safety liaison persons among organizers of the program at the event venue.

The Minister warned failure to adhere to the measures will attract severe consequences.

She stressed that the only events allowed are conferences, workshops, weddings and award ceremonies.

Below is the detailed protocols that must be adhered to with regards to organizing events during the COVID-19 period.

– Display of ‘no mask no entry’ signage

– Provide enough veronica buckets, hand tissue and hand sanitizers for the patrons to use.

– Strict adherence to hand washing before entering the venue and ushers must use hand sanitizers before escorting guests

– Strict adherence to strict social distancing of not less than one metre

– Maximum of 50% of carrying capacity of the venue or maximum of 100 attendees at the event.

– Tables designed to hold 10 people must be reduced to 50% capacity.

– MCs for events must undetake demonstrations of the protocols to educate patrons at the event

– Sharing of microphones should be limited. Several of them should be available and should be sanitized after each use.

– Hand sanitizers must be provided  on all tables to afford patrons to disinfect their hands during the program.

– One metre distance between guests seated at the table as well as tables at the venue.

– Only accredited individuals shall manage events during this period. That is corporate event houses, certified professionals by recognized professional bodies. All event organizers must be duly licensed with the Ghana Tourism authority

– All events shall be time constrained so as not to keep guest for too long.

– Presence of designated health and safety laison person amongst organizers of program

– Venues to be used should conform to regulatory standards. They should have adequate space to afford for the COVID protocols to be complied with and adequate sanitary provisions such as washrooms and standby janitors to clean and disinfect washrooms after each use.

– Venues must ensure uninterrupted supply of water during the course of the program.


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