Pappy Kojo was ‘beefing’ Medikal over Sister Derby – Keche’s manager

George Britton is the manager of Keche

George Britton, manager of hiplife duo Keche has alleged that rapper Pappy Kojo was ‘beefing’ with Medikal because of his relationship with media personality, Deborah Vanessa Owusu Bonsu widely known as Sister Derby.

The entertainment critic claimed that Pappy Kojo was initially involved with Sister Derby in the initial stages of his career.

Speaking to MzGee in an interview, Mr. Britton stated that the relationship did not last “because people had to come in.”

He further quizzed: “Why is he beefing with Medikal. When Medikal came in the industry, he wasn’t cool with Pappy Kojo and all these things were happening. It was all part of everything that happened,”.

George Britton who was supposed to be answering questions on the ongoing rift between Pappy Kojo and one half of the Keche group, Keche Joshua admitted the rift dated 5 years back.

He stated that Pappy Kojo has been ignoring Keche for years after they reached out to him to discuss possible collaboration.

Watch the video below for more:


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