Pappy Kojo was overtaken by fame – Joey B speaks on ‘beef’ with ex BFF

Pappy Kojo (left) and Joey B (right)

Joey B has explained that his ‘beef’ with his former BFF, Pappy Kojo was because Pappy was overtaken by fame at that time.

The ‘Tonga’ hitmaker refuted claims that the two ended their ‘bromance’ over a woman.

Pappy Kojo in an earlier interview with MzGee indicated that he did not have any explanation as to why they were feuding years ago stating only Joey B can have answers to the beef.

“It was so confusing when me and him were going back and forth. I didn’t understand the whole thing because he’s my brother and I tattooed his name and everything so I couldn’t understand. And I still don’t understand certain things. So if anything you would have to ask Joey.” Pappy told MzGee.

However, Joey B who spoke to Giovanni and Berla Mundi on 3FM stated that Pappy began making bad choices at the early part of his career.

He explained that he had to cut ties with Pappy at some point because he was not ready to ‘babysit’ him.

” A woman was never the reason for our issues. At that time, I’ll say that probably this whole fame was new to him so he did’t know how to handle it. At a point he was just making wrong choices and I wasn’t ready to babysit him.” Joey explained

He stressed that:“Me and Pappy from that time till now, our relationship hasn’t been the same. Sometimes we are cool and other times we are not. Currently, we are cool but I honestly haven’t heard from him in a while.” 


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