Pilolo can’t surpass Akwaaba – Guilty Beatz

Guilty Beatz

Ghanaian music producer, Guilty Beatz has said his recent banger ‘Piloolo’ can’t surpass the success chalked by his first hit song, ‘Akwaaba’.

The award winning music producer explained that despite how well ‘Piloolo’ has done, it can not beat ‘Akwaaba’.

He told in a conversation on ‘The Gist’ that Akwaaba is a strong song that put him on the pedestal.

” Piloolo did well. But Akwaaba is strong even till date Akwaaba is still strong. Piloolo can’t surpass that.” he stated

He also admitted that the success of Akwaaba inspired him to use the same strategy for his latest single, ‘Piloolo’.

“I think there’s something in music. When a song comes with something that’s physical people tend to gravitate towards that and they relate to the song so it helps the song more.” 

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