Political prophesies in Ghana are “just like lottery”-Actor Waakye


Veteran comic actor turned pastor, Prince Yawson alias Waakye without mincing words has asserted political prophesies are wager contracts.

The theologian in an interview with MzGee after she makes a donation to him with the support of Wilmar Africa Limited as part of her charity project, said just like politics, political prophesies are wager contracts where if Party A loses, Party B wins and vice versa.

He is convinced God does not double speak hence cannot give different prophecies on the same subject matter.

“…politics is a wager contract just like lottery. If it doesn’t go to A, it will definitely go to B. God doesn’t speak to people in different ways. If God says this, that is it.”

“What are we making of God if two prophets say different things [on a matter of politics – saying the win is for Party A and the other saying it’s for B] claiming it’s from God? Their dealings are clearly wager contracts and when their prophesies fail, you hear them say certain things.”

He however chooses not to criticize such prophets as he wasn’t present during the time of their calling but urges Ghanaians to be discerning.


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