“President Rawlings and his family were my biggest fans” – Amakye Dede


Ghanaian veteran nightlife musician Amakye Dede has shared his heartwarming encounter with the late President Jerry John Rawlings and his family.

The musician cum traditional ruler reiterated that the Rawlings family were his biggest fans who never missed his shows regardless of the locations. He added that President Rawlings was looking forward to his next album which he promised him of its release very soon.

“The former President and his family were my biggest fans who never missed my shows, he would call me to inform me of his coming to my shows. He was calling on me to release my next album and it is very sad he never had the chance to listen to my next song with Sarkodie” He shared in an interview with MzGee

Recounting his impact on the creative sector, Amakye Dede stated emphatically that the leader was a father to the creative industry and under his regime, the industry benefited greatly from him, recalling an incident where the former leader united all the musicians.

“The former President was a father to the musicians and the arts industry in general, he was very instrumental in helping the industry to gain its relevance today. He made it a duty to unite all the musicians in Ghana which was highly commendable.” He shared.

He revealed that he is very close to the family and his passing has affected him greatly. He added that he is currently in talks with the family as to what details of the funeral arrangements are and how the creatives could support.


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