“President Rawlings had a magnetic personality” – Fred Amugi


Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi has shared his fond memories of the deceased former President, Jerry John Rawlings.

According to Fred Amugi, the late President built the National Theater at a time where Ghana lacked a modern auditorium for international festivals and other entertainment-related activities.

I remember he had to use the Greater Accra Olympics park to build this magnificent edifice for entertainment purposes where we hosted our international festivals and other entertainment-related activities.” He shared.

The legendary actor recalled how the former President was always with the actors and graced every program.

Contrary to claims that the statesman was ruthless, the actor revealed that President Rawlings had a magnetic personality that attracted people to him naturally.

“He was a very good leader to us, he never missed any of our programs. He was one of us and always looking out for our well-being. President Rawlings had a magnetic personality which drew people closer to him naturally – he had a very different personality.” he reiterated

According to the Actor Fred Amugi, he had worked with the late President on several occasions and he had an astute personality.

“He ensures that everybody around him was very comfortable. I worked with him on several occasions, I was in charge of the store at the State House, and during Christmas, he gave everybody presents to serve visitors at their homes.” He shared


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