Rapper Future and Steve Harvey’s daughter reportedly move in together


Future Hendrix and Lori Harvey, 22, have reportedly taken their new relationship to the next level by moving in together.

The lovebirds recently made their relationship public and it came as a surprise because Lori and Diddy were an item not long ago.

MTO reports that Lori, who is Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, has now moved out of her parents’ home to live with Future in his luxury penthouse apartment in Los Angeles, not far from Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s lavish mansion.

Future already has at least 6 kids with 6 different women and he says he wants more.

The rapper added that having kids will help him to build his legacy.

He said: “I’m building my legacy. I hustle for my last name. You got to understand when you have a girl, they give away your last name. My sons, I’m just thinking about we got all our last names; it’s gonna be huge. When like, 50 years, 60 years from now, you going to speak of me. You going to speak of my legacy. And that’s what you do. This is what I worked for. Why would you work, have all this and just to leave it with one kid. And then something happen and there is no more of y’all.”


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