Rawlings collapsed and rebuilt the Movie Sector in Ghana – Abeiku Sagoe


Ghanaian veteran filmmaker and director John Abeiku Sagoe has joined many in the creative industry applauding former President Rawlings for promoting sector.

According to him, despite the fact that the former President later became an ardent supporter of players in the industry he had a checkered history with the same sector when he first took over as head of state.

He imposed curfews on Ghanaians which affected the patronage of our movies, at a point, we had to refund all monies because the scheduled time for the curfew has been brought forward. It affected the creative sector.” He explained

He added that the longest serving head of state after realizing the outcomes of his actions decided to revive the sector by engaging the creatives in rebuilding it.

“He realized the impact of his actions, which made him work massively on the sector by engaging the key players in building the industry again. He was an ardent supporter of the sector.


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