Rihanna hints at dropping new album soon


After being continuously trolled that there would be “No More Music”, members of Rihanna’s Navy are rushing back to shore after Rihanna News posted a screenshot on Twitter revealing the self-proclaimed ‘Bad Gal’ recently registered a new song with the music publisher, BMI.

Get ready to pour it up, because per the receipts, the new song titled, “Private Loving” and was reportedly co-written by Jamaican dancehall/reggae artist Demarco.

Rih has yet to confirm the track, but after British singer Monique Lawz and Demarco seemingly reacted to the post, we’re thinking the news is pretty legit!

With the swiftness of the keys and a sea of GIFs, Rih’s fans hopped on Twitter to express their extreme excitement.

Honestly, we can’t blame them for their enthusiasm! This news comes three years after the 31-year-old songstress dropped her iconic 2016 ANTI album.

So, when can we expect Rih’s new album? We’re still waiting for confirmation, but if you’re curious, here’s what’s being said about the anticipated “R9” album.

Source: bet.com


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