Rihanna teases fans who asked for new music from her


Pop Star, Rihanna took to Instagram to tease fans who impatiently asked for her new album.

The singer promised that her new music was coming in 2019, but  2019 eventually ended, and there was no new music.

Fans got impatient and took to her Instagram to demand her new R9 album, which she has been teasing for months.

“Where is the album,” one fan asked. Another said, “Bye. Where is the album.” And one follower told Riri to “interact with some good music please.”

And Rihanna responded by teasing them.

Only a day earlier, while celebrating the launch of her new Fenty 2-20 collection at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City on Friday night, Riri spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the fun she has teasing her fans ahead of the release of her mysterious follow-up to 2016’s Anti.

“To be continued,” Rihanna said in reference to her album.

“I like to antagonize my fans a little bit. Well, they antagonize me, too! So, they get it right back.”


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