Smart women undergo body enhancement surgeries – Actress, Ruth Oti

Actress, Ruth Oti

Ghanaian actress, Ruth Oti has applauded women who undergo surgeries to enhance their bodies.

The ‘Sadia’ star actress opined that ladies who undergo body enhancement surgeries are smart.

In a conversation with MzGee on ‘The Gist’, Ms Oti explained that individuals have the responsibilities to decorate their bodies as they please.

“Its about the have and have nots so if you don’t have, you don’t say its not good because I believe if some of us has 1 billion in our account and you have to spend it on your body, I don’t think its something you ought not to do,”

In her words, the actress known as Roototi said, “I believe the body is the temple of God. Its our home and its our responsibility to decorate it.”

She  further explained that body enhancement is personal decision hence no one must be judged for what they desire to do with their bodies.


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