Social media is all about the fake life – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has said most people are showing off a fake life on social media.

The sultry mother of one indicated that most people live on borrowed lives to be able to show off on social media.

In an interview with AdomFM, the ‘Sin City’ producer disclosed that people go to the extreme only to impress the public on social media.

“It’s not only in Ghana but everywhere. You can see someone on social media in a private jet but the person may be a musician shooting a music video or the plane may not be moving, but people see it and think about all the luxuries they don’t have.” Yvonne said

“It’s all a lie, social media is all about the fake life,” she added.

In her case, the movie producer stated that she does not go beyond her means in a bid to impress anyone.


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