Society forces celebrities to change – Ekow Smith-Asante

Actor Ekow Smith-Asante

Actor/movie producer, Ekow Smith Asante has said celebrities are forced to change their lifestyle as soon as they become stars due to societal pressure.

The Devil in the detail actor disclosed that certain changes in celebrities come as a result of societal expectations.

Ekow Smith made this comment when he appeared on Gee Spot on Joy Prime with MzGee while speaking on the topic ‘Does Stardom change people’.

“There’s been an enormous measure of change and it’s because of the society we live in. They don’t expect to see you in certain areas. They think you belong to a certain class. As actors we play certain roles and people automatically think that is who you are and you are locked in a certain box.

“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon so there are certain things that I still do but you go to places that people don’t expect to see you and you keep getting stares like it’s not normal” he stated.

He further noted that there is nothing wrong with celebrities changing their lifestyle when they become stars.

“There’s supposed to be some change. There’s been an upliftment from one stage to another. When I’m eating koko everyday and God has blessed me to buy bread to add to it, allow me to enjoy”. He said



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