Taxes killing models – Victoria Micheals

Victoria Michaels

Victoria Micheals has lamented over how taxes is taking a huge chunk of the salaries of models.

According to the stunning super model, models end up with only 60% of their earnings because of tax deductions.

Speaking in a conversation with MzGee, Miss Micheals explained that agencies also take part of their earnings.

“The mother agent benefits more in every deal but I benefit also as the one who struts the runway. You benefit because a certain percentage goes to you by default,” She noted

” Another thing that kills us is the taxes. You pay tax on every single thing. So if you did a job, you’ll probably end up with 60% after all deductions have been made. And this includes what the agency will take.” She stressed

Victoria Micheals who is currently one of the most sought after Ghanaian models has worked with several top brands including Melcom, Vodacom, DsTV, Pringle of Scotland among others.


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