Teephlow ‘dumps’ Spyder Lee Entertainment


Fante rapper, Lukeman Ekow Baidoo widely known as Teephlow has disclosed he intends to leave his current management label, Spyder Lee Entertainment at the end of his four-year contract.

Citing creative differences as his main reason for leaving the label, Teephlow explained that he has already discussed his intention with management of the label.

“It has to do with a few disagreements here and there. Mainly, I think it is like two different people with two different vision – how they want things.”

“Before you sign any contract, you hope that things are gonna go the way things are supposed to be; but after some time, we realized that things weren’t going towards the path it has to go,” he added.

The ‘Forgive’ rapper said he’ll be signing to a new label founded by his brother and cousin.

“It is a family thing we are trying to put together,” he explained


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