Think Outside The Box! Kiki Banson to Entertainers Demanding Money before Joining Covid-19 Fight


CEO of Palm Media KiKi Banson wants entertainers to abandon their insistence on being paid before leading the coronavirus campaign.

At the peak of the pandemic government expressed the need to get artiste to be at the forefront of the education drive. Information minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah then officially announced government’s intention to engage celebrities in the fight as ambassadors with no intention to pay them.

But some of these celebrities dismissed this approach insisting they will not do it for free. In an interview with MzGee on Tv3 NewDay, Shatta Wale for example served a notice he will not avail himself for the task if there will not be any financial gratification.

They’re working and they’re getting paid… They’re charging us with taxes here and there and we understand. Our royalties are not getting to us so we’re not even making that kind of money that we have to make; so if government wants to engage me, Stonebwoy, Sarkodie or any other, they should know that there is something that needs to be done. It’s a tradition.

“We can’t come out and say we’re going to do it for free. I’m not part of their political party. It’s best for them to put a package down. Doing it for free will be very hard for someone like me’. He stressed.

But speaking to MzGee on Tv3 on Friday May 29, 2020, Kiki Banson advocated a departure from the money before joining campaign posture:“the thing is look if you wanna stay at home and not contribute to a movement that will get you back to work quickly and you want to be paid for that, it’s an individual thing, But I don’t advocate for that, I think that there must be on all hands on deck to get this thing done. Everybody who has a voice and everybody who has reach should use it because without the people back on the streets back everywhere, without the people feeling comfortable to come out nobody is coming to your concert’.

On his part Nigerian Talent Manager and Business Development Executive Godwin Tom backed Kiki Banson saying “musicians are not the ones who will come out with the vaccine or any of the medical solutions to the problem but our clients, our artists, musicians and actors should be responsible enough in contributing to the messaging on safe precautions to keep people safe so that they can come back to your shows, when things improve.”


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