Trump Campaign wants TikTok Banned in new adverts


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is paying for ads on Facebook Inc.’s social media platforms urging supporters to sign a petition banning Bytedance Ltd.’s TikTok, as the White House ramps up rhetoric to restrict the video app in the U.S.

“TikTok has been caught red handed by monitoring what is on your phone’s Clipboard,” read all the ads that are running on Facebook and Instagram. Viewers are encouraged to “sign the petition now to ban TikTok,” according to the ads, which direct users to a survey where they have to input personal information including their email address and mobile number.

The ads, which appeared in users’ feeds from Friday, come just weeks after teens on TikTok were said to have played a role in contributing to lower-than-expected attendance for President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa. Prior to the event, which Trump boasted of having nearly 1 million sign-ups, many teenagers posted videos of their rally registrations with the intention of not showing up.

The ads were paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee and primarily target users aged 18 to 64, with the largest percentage of views seemingly coming from election battleground states such as Texas and Florida, according to Facebook’s ad library.

Trump’s administration has also been involved in attacking TikTok and the president has suggested that banning the app, owned by one of China’s biggest tech firms, could be one way to retaliate against China’s approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic.



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