Video: Money is everything – Actress Akosua Kekeli

Akosua Kekeli

Actress Akosua Kekeli has said money means everything to her.

According to the mother of three, indicated that she is sure she will get the happiness she is yearning for once she makes as much money as she desires.

She made the comments when she appeared on the Gee spot show with MzGee on the topic, “What do celebrities want?”

“We wake up every day praying for things that we want that will make us happy. You get that and you wish you have something else. So it is very difficult to tell that this will make me happy because once you get what you are praying for, you think of another thing you wish you had that will make you happy,” Akosua told MzGee

She continued: “So for me, I’ll tell you if I have all the money in the world, I’ll be happy. Because nothing else matters to me like waking up in the morning, being able to feed myself and my children, pay their fees and have a good home. Being able to afford things that you like is what will make you happy”

“I know people will say money is not everything but trust me, money is everything.” She added

Actress Jasmine Baroudi who was also on the show however disagreed with her comments saying monks are some of the happiest people on earth but lack money and other material things.

 Watch video below:


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