Video: Women go astray when they get power – Bessa Simons

Bessa Simons

Veteran highlife musician Bessa Simons has revealed that most women when given power have the tendency of going astray.

The ‘Awow Yi’ hit maker indicated that women empowerment is a new area women are still trying to explore somewhat making them forget their role at home.

Bessa Simons made these comments when he appeared on Gee Spot on Joy Prime with MzGee.

“Women have not been tamed. What it is, is that this is a new area for you. Now you’ve been empowered and earn more money so you think the final say should be coming from you. Which is not proper to men. And when someone gets a new power they tend to go astray. Say what they are not supposed to say and forget they are women and this is a man,”. He said

“It’s a new thing. It never used to be like that. When we were growing up, our fathers used to be the heads of the family. They go to work and bring in the money and our mothers will manage the money but the final say always comes from the man. But things have change and women see it as power .” he added

Bessa Simons and fellow musicians; Stephanie Benson, D Cryme and Kwese TV host Angela Bamford shared their thoughts and experiences on the topic, “Are you intimidated by her paycheck.”

Gee Spot with MzGee shows on Saturday at 6.30 pm on Joy Prime on DSTV 281. It repeats on Wednesdays at 10 am on the same channel.

Watch video below:


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