We are all sinners – Victoria Lebene replies critics

Actress, Victoria Lebene

Actress Victoria Lebene has said everyone is a sinner in response to her numerous critics.

According to the newly married media personality, although she has made certain mistakes in the past she has moved past them and has turned on a new leaf.

Victoria Lebenee-Nkansah was recently dragged by her followers on Instagram after she shared a post that read: ” If a married man is foolish enough to ask you out, be wise enough to decline”

Speaking on the backlash she received, she told MzGee in a conversation on ‘The Gist’ that she is unperturbed because she is focused on bringing change among the youth.

” I’m an advocate of change so if I see things that I feel will benefit the youth or the next generation, I share it. It doesn’t come with any judgemental mind or anything. I just felt like sharing.” she explained

Victoria also stated that her post achieved its aim as many young girls approached her on how to deal with issues relating to the post.

” I made a post I’m sure touched a lot of lives. I had young girls texting me on how to deal with such issues. So if the post works for you, you work on it. If it doesn’t you look past it”

” No body is right. We are all sinful but as time goes on, we keep growing and begin to be conscious of certain things and certain sinful acts. I’m not worthy enough. I’m sinful as well. I’m not judging anyone. Its a nice post and if we all heed to it, we’ll become better people”

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