We are going through Reshuffling-Nautyca Confirms Possigee is no longer his Manager

Nautyca and Possigee

Buzzing Ghanaian vocalist, Nautyca has refuted claims that he has “strained working relations” with music producer Possigee, despite the fact that Possigee is no longer his manager.

The rumour mill has been rife with claims that Possigee has been relieved of his position as his manager due to strained working relations between the two.

Nautyca, who is currently promoting his new song ‘Dane’ which features Coded of 4×4 fame, confirmed the change in management but insisted it was out of natural growth and not sour grapes, in an interview with  MzGee on TV3 Newday.

 “I’m still working with Possigee but there has been some reshuffling of the team. Because as the team is growing, you need to check a few things. I’m still with him but he is taking care of the production of the music, mixing and mastering of the music. But the management aspect has been given to somebody else.”

Well these changes seem to be yielding some results as he admits his popularity is growing as evidenced by the over 20,000 new followers he has garnered on social media after releasing just a few songs.

“I only concentrate on doing music because I believe that music will sell you and keep you in the market. Gradually too my followers are growing. From ‘Problem’ to Dane, I will say I have had over 20,000 followers when I drop these songs. So I feel that my good work is being recognized,”

The singer was optimistic that it won’t be long before he rises to stardom as more people keep following him on social media.

“I know that it is not the whole nation that has heard of me. but I know that the people that have heard of me, they would continue to spread the news. So day in day out, I have new people following me and people asking me of my music,” he added.

Nautyca is also hopeful that all his efforts into his career will yield positive results.

“I believe in my craft that is why I am putting in my money to make it happen. I’m putting in the money regardless, and I’m hoping that, because I believe in the craft, I know that very soon, I’m going to get whatever that I put in the music back,”




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