“We are our own enemies” Bibi Bright fires colleagues


Ghanaian actress Bibi Bright says has  creatives would be the cause of the industry’s destruction if they tackle issues meant for the betterment of the industry based on their political affiliations.

She clarified that after campaign, it is imperative for the creative arts players to unite and fight for the goodwill of the industry.

“I don’t appreciate when we are having conversations about the industry and our people bring in the political factor. We are our own enemies if we use politics to discuss issues about the way forward. After campaign is done, let’s move on as an industry and fight for the industry.”

Speaking to MzGee on 3fm, the actress stated that it is no government’s fault that the industry is in a very pathetic state.

“I don’t think whatever issues we have are the fault of any government. We have our issues and it is up to us as an industry to solve our differences and move ahead. Yes, we may agree to disagree but we are stronger in numbers. During the COVID era when the government wanted support the sector with funds, there was not anything about NPP or NDC supporters but it was the whole creatives who benefited. They government doesn’t know political difference in terms of helping the industry ” She claimed


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