We have no problem with audio money tag – Keche


Music duo Keche says they are not bothered about people assuming they are only showing off expensive lifestyle on social media but are not living one in real life.

One member of the group, Andrew told MzGee in an interview that assumptions about their lives and what they do comes with being a celebrity.

“That’s what they feel and there’s no problem. Audio money but we are releasing songs, making good videos which involves money. I am driving the best of cars among other things. I am living my life so it’s no problem.”

Andrew stated that the group owes no one an explanation or proof of their wealth. Adding that as long as their fans love them and what they do, the group is not worried.

Joshua, the other member added that these assumptions will not have any effect on their career as long as they keep doing what is best for them and no one else.



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