We met at Boomerang Night club – Reggie Rockstone and wife Zilla reveal

Reggie Rockstone and Zilla

Hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone and his wife Zilla Limann have revealed they met at the then Boomerang Night Club in Accra.

According to Reggie, he had already been told about Zilla by a friend who knew he had a thing for women with big breasts.

Speaking to Doreen Andoh, Reggie revealed that they met through DJ Black who was the in-house DJ for Boomerang Night Club.

“I was at Boomerang and I went to the DJ’s booth with DJ Black. And she (Zilla) came to the DJ’s booth to request a song and I introduced myself”. He said

Asked if she was star struck when she met Reggie Rockstone, Zilla answered in the negative.

“Actually no. Not at all. I wasn’t even moved at all. I was more concerned with having DJ Black play the song I requested for my friends and I. So when I went in there and he did the introduction and all I said okay and moved on. I didn’t even mention it to my friends.”

The couple who have been together for over 16 years now are blessed with three children.


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