We produced music for biscuits – DopeNation


Music duo DopeNation has revealed that they used to take biscuits as payment for producing music for artistes.

Speaking in an interview with MzGee the group stated that it was their way of exploring their talent and interest as well as a means of sustenance while in school.

“Back then we came to Accra and we were producing small for 10 cedis and biscuits – the big ones. It’s been about nearly eight years now.”

They explained that they were new in the game and producing, mostly, for friends and close associates in Takoradi – something which informed their payment system.

To move from taking peanuts to making it big in the industry, the brothers said they took a chance to go see rapper EL in his studios to sell their craft.

Once the ‘Aunty Martha’ hitmaker had been interested in their work, their journey in the industry took off.

“He listened to the beat and realized he could take something unique out of us and taught us how to make our beats solid and standard.”

The boys added that EL has been an inspiration to them since they met him.


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