Wendy Shay reveals why She has over 20 Piercings all over her body!


Award winning songstress Wendy Shay has revealed she has about 20 piercing on her body that make her feel fierce.

The ‘Uber Driver’ hit maker came under heavy scrutiny after pictures of her piercing went viral, says her piercings have no connection with her morals but an expression of her profession and what she feel inside.

“….People will judge because of the kind of job that I am doing, maybe some of the things that I will be wearing, maybe my piercings and you know the kind of things I like to do because of my work” says Wendy on ShowBuzz with MzGee on 3FM.

If you see me do these piercings it is because I want to express maybe how I feel inside, maybe feeling fierce, that is how I want portray myself but it has nothing to do with my personality as in me being morally bad or good” Wendy added.

Asked how many piercings she’s got currently, Wendy retorted “I have about almost 20”.

You can find out which places Wendy has these piercings by clicking the YouTube link below.


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