We’re helping Pappy Kojo revive his career – Keche’s manager

George Britton is the manager of Keche

Manager of hiplife duo Keche, Mr George Briiton has said the group are helping rapper Pappy Kojo to revive his career.

According to Mr. Briiton, Pappy Kojo’s once vibrant career is dead and needs help to get back to his glory days.

In a conversation with MzGee, the entertainment critic said the ‘Balance’ hitmaker has lost his touch from the old Pappy that was known for good HipHop music.

” We just want to help Pappy Kojo get back to ‘balance’ his career. If you listen to the last song that he released, it was a bit dirty for me. It looks like Pappy has lost it,”.

He also alleged that the ‘Aye late’ hitmaker has turned into a chain smoker hence the decline in his career.

“The Pappy (Kojo) that was doing HipHop is now doing more of smoking music. I know Pappy is a full time smoker now. Before he used to smoke cigarette but now he’s moved to the other one which is deeply affecting his career”.

Although he admitted the ‘Face2Face’ diss song which was released by Keche Joshua was full of insults, he stated that they owe Pappy Kojo no apology.

Watch more in the video below:


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